Are Online Casinos Legal?

This is the question that seems to get the most attention from new players. I believe this is because of many of the inaccuracies and outright lies that get spread around by the press. Of course there are places in the world where online gambling is illegal, but most of the places where the popular media says it is actually don’t have specific laws against online gambling. The United States is a perfect example. You’ll often find information that says online gambling is illegal in the United States. The fact is that there is no federal law against online gambling. There is a federal law dealing with banking institutions transferring money to and from online gambling establishments, but that law doesn’t even bother defining what online gambling is. The real answer to the question is too involved to answer on a single page. Plus the laws do change, which would make a page including laws around the world inaccurate soon after it was published. Of course you are responsible for figuring out if you can play online legally so you should research the specific laws where you live. WHAT YOU NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR: If anyone in your country has actually been charged or sentenced for gambling online Using the United States as an example again, I am not aware of anyone who has been charged with a crime for gambling online. There have been a few people charged with taking bets on the phone, but there is a specific law against that and it has nothing to do with playing at an online casino. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I’m not a legal expert and you can’t use any of this information as legal advice, but I feel safe playing online as long as no one has been charged with a crime for doing so in my country. auto generate